Indiana Insurance Claims

Metro Adjusting Service Inc. serves the Indianapolis area in a variety of insurance claims when requested.

Since 1985, we have served the Southeastern Indiana territory for property and trucking claims. We work First property claims like fire, flood, and wind damage. Metro Adjusting Service Inc. resolves both residential and business claims.

We have a team of adjusters with 20-50 years of individual experience helping resolve claims. Our process is one that protects your time. We contact the insured within 8 hours of receiving a request. We inspect within 72 hours. We write up a report within 7 business days. We value your time and are ready to resolve claims in Indianapolis, Richmond, Lawrenceburg, and other parts of Southeastern Indiana. 

In addition to Liability, Property, and Trucking, Metro Adjusting Service Inc. does TPA work. Let us partner with you as your Third Party Administration to help your risk management team resolve claims.